What Others Are Saying

"Jim is great to work with and our audience just loved him!! He delivered a great message with plenty of hilarity. ---He hit the target!"

Diana Ruddick, Vice President
Mass Mutual

"Thank you for the most inspiring speech that I have heard in my life!! You made me laugh and cry and because of your speech I promised myself I will never miss another meeting."

Harvie DeBaron
Million Dollar Round Table

"…WOW! I love to listen to you paint a story. You have a unique message that comes from the heart and is based upon "first person" and that is what makes you unique and real in a sea of wanna-be professional speakers. Your command of the platform is powerful…Great program!"

Jeff Magee
Magee International

"I've shared the stage with Ronald Reagan, Paul Harvey, Norman Vincent Peale, Barbara Walters, and Peter Jennings, and never in my life have I been as dwarfed as I have by the giant of a man, Jim Stovall."

Dr. Denis Waitley
Int'l Speakers Hall of Fame

"Your presentation was inspirational, humorous, and "on the mark"-- a wonderful way to conclude the conference."

Steven Hilberg
Soc. Of Government
Meeting Professionals

"Your words of encouragement inspired us to regain the dreams we once had and to begin new ones. Please feel free to give my name and number to any potential clients in the future. I can and will highly recommend you to other organizations as a headline speaker."

Randall White
President Usborne Books

"You were great sir and I'm not blowin' smoke. You have such a story to tell! Your story is real and nobody doubts it. That's the difference between you and so many people we get as motivational speakers."

Harland Stonecipher
Pre-Paid Legal

"Thank you, Jim, for a powerful message, and for your compassion and wisdom."

Tony Robbins

"I can't thank you enough for speaking to my managers. Every one of them came up to me afterwards and thanked me for having you speak. I have to tell you that after you left the room we actually had to pause for a moment or two to have everyone clear the lumps out of their throat. You speaking on the adversities that you overcame and people's own ability to change their lives personally and professionally, will help us to achieve great things this year despite some of the adversity that we face."

Michael J. Hughes
Doubletree Hotel

"Your ability to relate to the 'common man' is a most special gift. Your comedic sense of timing and humor is excellent…. Very professional!"

Michael Johnson

"What a remarkable man you are! Your insight combined with your humor was just the right combination to uplift and encourage our audience."

Dawn Spires
Sterling Health

"Thanks for a great meeting! We had numerous outstanding comments from those in attendance!"

Terry Hutchison
QuikTrip Corporation

"Your presentation was outstanding! Many of the attendees came up to me and remarked about your message. You were able to jumpstart our conference."

Craig Klos, CEO
Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Association

"I truly enjoyed your speech. It was motivational and challenging. I will certainly forward your name as an exceptional speaker to our training office as well as other organizations of which I am a member."

Rose E. Cunningham
Dept. of Health

"Your story that you shared with our company Pre-Paid Legal was awe-inspiring. Thank you for your genius."

Bill Covert
Pre-Paid Legal

"Jim Stovall helps us see clearly, from within, the possibilities for unlimited growth and fulfillment in each individual, regardless of the situation. His story is inspiring and illuminating!"

Dr. Robert Schuller

"The people at Turner Broadcasting applaud Jim Stovall."

R E. "Ted" Turner

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