"Thank you for the most inspiring speech
I've ever heard in my life!!"
      Harvie DeBaron,
      Million Dollar Round Table

Jim Stovall

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Faced with the challenge of total blindness, Jim Stovall has gone on to become:
2000 International Humanitarian of the Year
A National Olympic weightlifting champion;
An Emmy Award winner;
The President and Co-Founder of Narrative Television Network;
One of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans awarded by the U.S. Jaycees;
The 1997 National Entrepreneur of the Year;
A recipient of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1998 National Blue Chip Enterprise Award;
A world-renowned author and speaker.

Jim Stovall has shared the stage as a keynote speaker with:

General Colin Powell
Christopher Reeve
Tony Robbins
Dr. Denis Waitley
Barbara Bush

Jim Stovall will teach you and your organization how to:

Change your life by changing your mind;
Turn your dreams into reality;
Be the best you can be;
Take action starting today;
Find and fulfill your destiny regardless of your circumstances.

Author of:

You Don't Have To Be Blind To See
Success Secrets of Super Achievers
The Ultimate Gift
Wisdom of the Ages

Featured on:

Good Morning America
Reader's Digest
TV Guide
TIME Magazine

You will laugh and you will cry,
but you will never be the same!

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